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At noon on Thursday, April 20, on WYPR, Tom Hall is doing an interview with Susan Posner and Joan Quinn about the contributions the Carry On Shop and Renewal Upscale Resale make to sustainability. Earth Day, April 22, brings protecting our planet to the forefront, and the Women’s Board has been helping through resale for almost 100 years. We’ve been recycling the closets of loyal and new donors and shoppers for a long time! Tune in!!

Carry On Shop and Renewal Upscale Resale remind Board members and
sustainers that donations of quality items from family, friends, and their own closets are essential to their success. Closets are being cleaned, people are moving, their lives are changing, please reach out and remind them the Women’s Board will offer their treasures a new life, and they will be supporting the mission of the Board to advance patient care and provide medical and nursing scholarships at Johns Hopkins. Be in touch with the shops for pick up as needed.

Carry On Shop

COS Customer

As April is upon us, Guilford Stroll is featuring  the Carry On Shop in the fourth of a wonderful series of articles on the Women’s Board.  Nathan Diennes, of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Development Office, recounts his fun and finds as he spends time at the shop– the thrill of the hunt amid the varied, ever changing merchandise; the joy of a special find as well as a great deal;  the delight of meeting the volunteer team, John the manager, and of course the loyal customers.  The stories of these customers are part of the spirit of the shop.  They include students new to Johns Hopkins “thrift shopping” for furnishings and wall art, employees and staff of the medical campus browsing during a needed break, faithful followers checking in to see what’s new, lovers of vintage clothing, along with people who use the store and visits with John and the team as a chance to find affordable things, experience caring and kindness.

Carry On Shop Renewal

Kathy’s passion for vintage clothing

Kathy Abbott has been a proud member of the Women’s Board since 2011.  It all started in 2009, when Pam Hindsley, then Best Dressed Sale chair, wisely asked her to help with Vintage Clothing donations.  As Kathy’s most recent education had been in Costume History and Design, she was thrilled to accept because of her passion for vintage clothing and because of the worthwhile cause of contributing to benefit patient care at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

After volunteering for the board for several years and finishing a second degree in Theatre, Design and Production at Towson University, she became a member ready to dedicate her newly found free time to the Women’s Board. Kathy has continued to oversee Vintage, at first at the Best Dressed Sale, then at the shop at Kenilworth Mall, now  at Renewal and at the Carry On Shop. In addition to co chairing the Carry On Shop, she has helped with Great Taste events, the Golf Classic, and any number of other committees needing volunteers.

Kathy’s favorite committee has been Hospital Relations (now Grants and Awards), thus being part of the review of grants submitted by various departments and of the decision as to how to allocate the funds the board has worked so hard to raise.  For Kathy, a personal benefit of being a board member has been the number of wonderful women she has had the opportunity to meet, and the friendships that have evolved when she thought all her friendships already had been made!

Carry On Shop

Check Out Stroll Guilford

In November and December, the magazine featured complimentary half page ads for the Carry On Shop.

Then in January, an article introduced the Women’s Board and the Carry On Shop to Guilford readers.  February Stroll Guilford expanded on the work of the Women’s Board, introducing board members, past and present, who live in Guilford. Readers were reminded that the Carry On Shop depends upon and gratefully accepts donations!  

The March issue highlighted grants and scholarships awarded by the Women’s Board in 2022 to Johns Hopkins.  Readers learned that the board has awarded, since 1927, over $25 million to Johns Hopkins, including more recently, a major grant for the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center.  

The April Stroll issue will feature an article by Nathan Diennes, of the School of Medicine Development Office, beautifully describing the Carry On Shop, its varied merchandise and many customers, and introducing Sandy, John and other members of the faithful COS team.

Carry On Shop

Bag Sale at the Carry On Shop

Buy one or more Carry On Shop brown bags for $20 each. Fill with men’s and women’s clothing, no logo wear, accessories, shoes, jewelry or housewares.  The contents are yours.  No ripping allowed!   Bring your own bags to take your purchases home. $1.00 surcharge if you don’t have a bag for your purchases or you rip one of the Carry On bags. View video of the Carry On Shop!