Carry On Shop

Check Out Stroll Guilford

In November and December, the magazine featured complimentary half page ads for the Carry On Shop.

Then in January, an article introduced the Women’s Board and the Carry On Shop to Guilford readers.  February Stroll Guilford expanded on the work of the Women’s Board, introducing board members, past and present, who live in Guilford. Readers were reminded that the Carry On Shop depends upon and gratefully accepts donations!  

The March issue highlighted grants and scholarships awarded by the Women’s Board in 2022 to Johns Hopkins.  Readers learned that the board has awarded, since 1927, over $25 million to Johns Hopkins, including more recently, a major grant for the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center.  

The April Stroll issue will feature an article by Nathan Diennes, of the School of Medicine Development Office, beautifully describing the Carry On Shop, its varied merchandise and many customers, and introducing Sandy, John and other members of the faithful COS team.